The Legacy

Willy Schmitz

Willy Schmitz was a cabinetmaker from Germany. He began Helmut Guenschel incorporated with a long-time friend of his from Europe, Helmut Guenschel. He loved what he did. He loved creating and working with his hands. He loved working with and for people. He was a perfectionist. When I wasn’t at the shop with him, I would be on installation, at a library or at a museum. He would always point out the good and the bad. “Look at this….” he would say as he pointed out the craftsmanship of the piece he was looking at. I loved working with him and learning as much as I could. I loved the work that he did and wanted to follow in his footsteps. But being old-world European, he had dreams that my brother would follow in his footsteps and take on the same trade.

Robert Schmitz

My brother Robert took the circuitous route back to this industry. He pursued a degree in business and computer science at Loyola University but was never satisfied. When he took up woodworking I believe he began to ‘feel at home’. While he didn’t take the same route as my father, he eventually formed Schmitz & Schmitz with our cousin Martin Schmitz. They had many successful years as they grew a business. I’m sure Robert knew his father would have proud of him. Robert died unexpectedly and too soon in 2018 at the age of 54.

Much of what he knew today about the architectural woodwork and museum business he learned from his father, Willy Schmitz.

Who we are

In the above picture are some of the gifted, talented and ambitious founders of Archa Inerzering, the very experienced and talented Wlodek Stopa from StudioStopa, myself, Martin and Robert. After Robert’s passing, Martin and I decided that we would keep the business going because we felt we had to. There were too many reasons to continue going forward and only one not too. Thankfully Archa assited us in completing open contracts as we re-organized. Now we are excited to move ahead and help develop the dreams and visions that you, our customer, bring to us. We strive to give excellent service at competitive costs. We are not large. We do not want to be large. We want to be a retailer of some very beautiful work- as well as craftsmanship. We want to know we helped tell the stories that were waiting to be told. And that we helped, through our customers, to bring a vision, an idea of beauty, history, and learning to others. Thank you for looking at our site, we are grateful for your time here. If you have a question, please contact us. If we can’t be of direct service, we will try very hard to help you find the answer/s. We are all about networking and have an extensive list of some fantastic resources to help with the things we do not do. 

Namaste and God Bless. 

Barukh atah Adonai, Elokaynu, melekh ha-olam.

Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global, LLC. is a high-end European exhibit fabrication distributor. Our manufacturers have over 40 years of experience in product design, manufacture and custom fabrication. Our main product line is manufactured by Archa pro Museum in Slovenia. Along with Archa, we work with StudioStopa to represent North and Latin America. A well-accomplished team, StudioStopa/Archa recently completed the Jewish Museum in Warsaw, Poland and the Toy Museum in Sonneberg, Germany.

Through direct contract or sub-contract work we have completed many unique and beautiful projects here in the U.S. Recently completed projects include the Flight 93 Museum, Museum of the Bible, Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, Gerald Ford Presidential Library, Toledo Zoo, Navy Seal Museum, Howard Community College, Western Washington University, Scarborough Library, Ft. McNair Military Museum and Tulane University among several other projects.

Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global, LLC. is a woman-owned business. Ingrid Reynolds has been the owner since 2018. Daughter of Wilhelm Schmitz, founding partner of Helmut Guenschel, Inc. she has grown up in the architectural millwork and museum fabrication industry. Working with her brother and cousin she has helped continue the tradition. Ingrid has a Masters degree in Education and has worked as a Critical Care Flight RN. Ingrid also serves with the National Disasters Medical Systems under Health and Human Services (HHS) as an intermittent federal disaster reservist. She is part of the Incident Management team while in the field or works with senior leadership of HHS in the Secretary’s Operations Center with the staff of the Assitant Secretary for Preparedness. She has considerable project management experience.

Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global is also Martin Schmitz. Martin has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and has extensive international commerce experience both through his own business endeavors and through Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global. Martin is highly skilled in technical applications of museum fabrication and has been in the industry for over five years. Martin is highly detail-oriented and is involved in every aspect of project production. Martin represents Latin American for Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global, LLC. as he is multi-lingual and resides in both Europe and Ecuador.

StudioStopa is an active architectural firm comprised of Wlodek and Malgoska Stopa, both independent architects. Wlodek had fifteen years experience as head of the engineering department for Rothstein Vitrinen, GmbH. Wlodek is also an active sculptor. He produces all initial sketches to ensure the cases meet the desired product request. Malgoska is an active architect in her own right.

Archa pro Museum is the fabrication division of the team with over 20 years experience. Peter Cevnja has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and oversees daily fabrication. Andrej Kobal also holds a mechanical engineering degree and has over ten years of experience. He is responsible for display fabrication and provides all the technical support for daily operations. Bostjan Stolfa is an architect with more than ten years of experience who handles final design work by draft and CAD employees. This is a young, dedicated team of professionals seeking the best success in your project, so they are all very engaged. All images from Archa unless otherwise indicated.

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