De-Mountable and Modular

Display cases: De-Mountable

Utilizing the same construction approach as the modular systems, de- mountable cases are highly transportable and quickly assembled to help create custom, temporary or transportable exhibitions.

Cases are dust-proof and come with shelving systems, LED lighting and poster hanging hardware to help meet any unique display needs.

Modular is constructed of low-iron, UV safety glass NOT acrylic, therefore you get lifelong UV protection. Anti-reflective glass is an option. Systems include individual connector bars ensuring cases are aligned and combinable for any configuration you may need. Cases can be set as a singular unit, or combined into groups of two or more. Each case comes with a dedicated storage box designed to safely house

Display cases: Modular

These highly functional cases allow for easy assembly on-site. They are useful for temporary exhibitions and can be dis- assembled and stored in accompanying wooden crates

These cases are also customizable to your order. As such, they can be combined into differing configurations. These cases are available with LED lighting and interior shelving.