Museum Display Cases

Standard display cases: Freestanding

Standing cases are the ultimate in complete display options. These units come in a variety of configurations to include interior pedestal, pedestal, glass shelves, plinth backed, and sliding and/or hinged door systems on the larger cases. These cases come standard with low-iron UV blocking laminated safety glass. All corners are mitered with cast-in-place silicon seals.

Standard features include LED puck lighting, solid or clear glass tops, low-iron shelving, welded metal base construction with levelers, dust seals, Abloy locks, and concealed hinges. The overall case design is a welded, powder-coated metal for a true conservation case.

Options include various display hardware options, Baumann fabric wrapped decks, fiber optic lighting, active or passive humidity control systems as well as various alarm configurations. All cases are custom made, there are no “off-the- shelf” systems so you always get as close to “custom” in the standard cases. As always, custom designs are available by request.

Interior case decks can be wrapped in Creation Baumann fabrics or custom fabricated. Glass shelves and suspension mechanisms are also available.

Standard display cases: Table

Table Cases come with a variety of base designs. As you can see from the above demonstration of design, bases can be four legs, two solid side plinths, a solid base or even an elongated vitrine with solid side plinths or as a solid base.

Standard fabrication is with welded, powder-coated metal. However, any variation of the custom base can be constructed to include exotic or hardwoods, or laminated materials.

All vitrines are mitered, laminated safety glass (EN356) available in low-iron or non-reflective options.

Case decks can be fabricated with Baumann fabric or fabric of your choosing. Decks are powder-coated sheet metal, sprayed MDF. Neutral materials are used whenever possible.

Standard display cases: Pedestal

Pedestal cases are perfect for the smaller space and showcasing of particular items. These cases are standard with low-iron, UV coated laminated safety glass. This allows for truer color representation as well as artifact safety. These cases have concealed operating mechanisms or concealed hinges, as well as concealed locks; powder-coated display decks, levelers, and cast-in-place seals.

Options include anti-reflective glass, humidity control systems, Baumann fabric wrapped display decks, additional low-iron laminated safety glass shelves, and configurable lighting options to include fiber optic, dimmable / adjustable LED.

Glass Vitrines Cases