Visible and Art Storage Systems

Archa is our supplier for high-quality Depot equipment. Whether rack or shelving storage is required, superior construction and materials create art storage solutions that ensure long-standing archival conservation and preservation. Equipment is designed for ease of handling and accessing. Units are ALL custom designed and constructed to meet space needs. Units come with fixed shelving, protected by low-iron safety laminated UV glass. Custom made cabinets can contain multiple hinged, meshed ‘doors’ and can be built on a sliding unit base. Air-tight drawers and glass covers with passive humidity.

Art Storage Visible

We are able to meet your preservation requirements while maximizing your footprint. Consider the vertical and horizontal, unique facility requirements and then the visibility of the art or artifacts that you what displayed. 

Art Storage

Our designers and fabricators can create dynamic, modern art storage solutions based on your needs. Efficiency, access and putting all of your valuables in easy accessibility all the while being optimally protected is our goal.

Products available include pull-out racks, closed pull-out storage, cross-wise storage, movable shelf systems, textile storage systems, archival and library airtight storage and drawer cabinets. 

Drawer Display

What’s better than the ability to combine archival storage and displays con-currently? Why not have greater availability of your collection as well as maintain conservation?

Archa drawer display units are a specialized storage and display solution. These cases allow for greater public views and exploration while maintaining the same high-quality archival display solutions as both the art storage systems and the standard display case systems.

Units are constructed of welded powder-coated steel with glass drawer lids allowing for dustproof storage. Glass is low-iron, UV coated for clearer images. Systems can be locked and have passive humidity control. Drawers can be custom formatted as steel decks or fabric coated drawers. Many configurations and options are available for your design considerations.

Library Airtight Cases, Archival Cases

Pull-out Storage

Movable Storage

Textile Storage